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Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can save you money. A common misconception in the world of health care is that alternative medicine is expensive when compared to modern western medicine. Truth be told, it is actually much cheaper than conventional western medicine. This is true in two different ways. First, the actual cost of treatment with acupuncture and Chinese medicine is significantly less than modern medicine. Second, the preventative aspect of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is also much cheaper than the actual of the treatment of a problem when it does arise.Several studies have actually been done, not just about how well acupuncture can work in treatment of disease, but also as to how much money can be saved by using it. A great example of this was a study published in Acta Anethesiol Scand in 1992. The study showed that of 29 patients awaiting surgeries 7 were able to cancel their surgery resulting in a cost savings of $9000 per patient.Another study published in Neurology in 1994 showed that post stroke patients who used acupuncture were able to cut their hospital stay from 161 days to 88 days saving $26,000 per patient.Another example of savings was published in the Journal Spine (5:279-291) in 1980. The study showed that 18 of 29 people treated with acupuncture for low back pain went back to work while only 4 of 27 people treated with standard therapy were able to return to work. Getting people back to work meant money savings for the companies, and less debt for the out of work patients.Consider that there is a direct cost savings when seeking acupuncture treatment. A visit to a conventional doctor may run as high as $265 and visit to a specialist may run as high as $325. Compare that to a visit to an acupuncturist which may only cost $60-$70 on average. That is a huge cost savings. In fact, you can get about 5 visits to an acupuncturist for the cost of one visit to a specialist!The second big way that acupuncture saves money when compared to western medicine is in the arena of preventive medicine. Western medicine’s focus is mainly on fixing things that are broken and dysfunctional. So, very little attention is paid to staying healthy and preventing disease beyond – lose weight, eat right, and take medications for the “pre-” problems. (pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, etc.) Medications have become the new popular way of doing preventive medicine in the traditional western medical world. If you look like you might get diabetes, or hypertension etc. you might be medicated with low doses of the same meds that they use to treat the problem when it is full blown all under the guise of preventive medicine.To and acupuncturist preventative medicine is a much more important topic. At its highest level Chinese medicine is used in the prevention of disease. There is an old saying in China that the best doctors catch the disease before it has showed up and the lowest level doctor only treats the disease once it has happened. An acupuncturist will help you figure out where your body is getting out of balance and adjust it before the imbalance gets too big. Once the imbalance is big, or gone on for a long time, then diseases and illness start. This prevention and balance restoration is done by acupuncture, custom herbal formula prescription, custom diet prescription, exercise prescription, and more. The beauty of this idea is that herbs, acupuncture, exercise, and food are much cheaper than treating cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In addition, there are no side effects!The bottom line is that the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is much cheaper than modern western medicine. Second you are able to stay healthy longer and more consistently, thus not having to go through medical treatments for diseases. Finally, the treatments are pretty much side-effect free. You have nothing to lose!

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Acupuncture has been used to complement mainstream medical treatments more and more frequently in recent years. This therapy, derived from Chinese traditional medicine (TCM), has proven effective to treat chronic pain, as well as over 40 other illnesses and diseases. The practice of acupuncture and how it works remains shrouded in mystery for most people, however. Below is a brief history of acupuncture therapy that will shed a little light on this ancient healing art.Acupuncture is a medical treatment that has been practiced for centuries in China and other countries in Southeast Asia. The practice involves the insertion of tiny needles into strategic pressure points on the body to treat illnesses and promote overall health and wellness.The first mention of acupuncture as a healing art in written documents in China first appeared in a book written at around 500-300 B.C.E. This book described acupuncture as a central component of TCM. The first acupuncture needles were referred to as “bian.” These needles, developed during the Stone Age, were crafted out of stone and were used to practice a rudimentary form of acupuncture therapy. With the onset of the Iron and Bronze Ages, metal needles, similar to the hair-thin needles in use today, were eventually developed.Acupuncture first spread from China to nearby countries, such as Korea and Japan, in the 6th Century. The practice eventually reached Europe by the 18th century, but was not widely used among European medical practitioners until the 19th century. The practice finally came to the U.S. in the early 1900s with the influx of Chinese immigrants. It wasn’t until the 1970s that acupuncture gained widespread attention after a U.S. press agent who received acupuncture therapy while traveling in China touted the benefits of acupuncture in a New York Times article.Acupuncture enjoyed widespread use in China until 1914, when the government of the People’s Republic of China enacted a series of legal measures designed to limit the practice of TCM, causing acupuncture therapy to nearly die out entirely. Fortunately, acupuncture continued to be used by traditional practitioners in rural areas throughout the country. Many acupuncturists worked tirelessly to protect and continue to develop acupuncture therapy in China. These traditionalists founded several acupuncture associations, published many books and journals on this ancient therapy, and began teaching correspondence courses to willing pupils worldwide.As is evident from acupuncture therapy history, there are many benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. The benefits available through acupuncture therapy, however, are dependent on the training of the acupuncturist. Anyone considering acupuncture therapy should make sure the practitioner they seek treatment from is a licensed acupuncture therapist who is certified in treating medical conditions using this type of therapy.

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Acupuncture weight loss is a new field in a way. Although acupuncture itself is ancient, it does not have a long history of being used for weight control purposes. Only modern living has brought obesity to a level that has seen both medical practitioners and patients searching for a cure for weight loss. Hence, the birth of acupuncture weight loss research.Acupuncture weight loss techniques have been researched since 1998 in China, where the influx of Western foods has seen the population ballooning.Acupuncture weight loss techniques boots the endocrine and digestive systems of the patient, resulting in better digestion and making the patient feel fuller faster. With the combination of needles and herbal therapies, the patient’s goal of losing weight is almost assured.Some acupuncture weight loss meridian points are the stomach, spleen and kidney. The mouth, lung and thyroid are other points used for treatment. All treatments are customized for the patients as they have different needs and their bodies are also different.There is a treatment available in the West based on theories of ear acupuncture weight loss. It is often marketed as ‘Weight Control Ear Staples.’ These are not advised since this treatment not only disregards 90% of the full treatment, but may also cause infections and damage the ear cartilage. Acupuncture weight loss is a slow, somewhat holistic treatment and cannot be emulated simply by clipping things to one’s ears. Hence, it would be prudent to disregard this ear acupuncture weight loss technique.Many patients undergoing an acupuncture weight loss program only report great results in about a year. Note that an acupuncture weight loss program does not require a focus on diet and exercise. The key is to make the patient feel full faster, and thus eating less. Willpower or spending hours at the gym is not necessary. On the other hand, Western practitioners will require the patient to follow a diet and exercise program. This takes a lot of effort for the patient to follow.While on the acupuncture weight loss treatment, patients should ideally make time for two or more treatments per week. These treatments involve the placing of needles, as well as application of gentle electrical currents. Afterwards, the patient is advised to take herbal mixtures to aid the removal of toxins and strengthen the flow of qi. The first part of the program involves slow and gentle weight loss. Ear acupuncture weight loss practices may be used at this time in the form of herbal seeds attached to the ear.The latter part of the acupuncture weight loss process involves stabilizing the client and slowly bringing back into the diet things that may have been eliminated during the treatment. The idea is to maintain the new weight while allowing the client to enjoy a normal diet.In conclusion, if you have difficulty in losing weight, then an acupuncture weight loss program may just be the safe and natural solution for you!

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In the United States as well as in many other countries, most states require training and certification in order to practice acupuncture. There’s a lot to learn about the ancient practice of acupuncture. Acupuncturists need to know how to diagnose the various patient ailments and how to treat them using very thin stainless-steel needles inserted into specific points on the surface of the skin. The insertion of these acupuncture needles triggers specific biochemical and physiological reactions in the body and this in turn promotes healing.Acupuncture schools usually offer the science and philosophy of acupuncture also. And there are just a few acupuncture schools that teach practitioners the five-element Oriental medicine approach to acupuncture, which is often used in conjunction with traditional Western medicine. You will want to find an acupuncture school that offers small classes. The smaller classes tend to encourage greater discussion between the students and teachers, and can foster an improved learning process.Acupuncture school education and training requirements can total anywhere from 2500 to 4000 credit hours or so. The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is the national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit Master’s-level programs in the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession, so make sure any school you’re considering has this accreditation.California has many acupuncture schools to choose from, as do others, while Wisconsin, has only one school and some states have none at all. The first step would be find out what the school and program options are in your area. Once you’ve got a list you can call each school you’re considering and ask to speak to a recruiting counselor to find out the student-to-teacher ratio so you know which ones offer get smaller classes.Be aware that each state and each discipline has its own strict rules about how alternative medicine practitioners can be professionally licensed. Before you commit to learning about any alternative medical technique though, be aware that many of them have not been scientifically evaluated so do your homework. Some people aren’t aware that acupuncture scholarships may be available; check this out as soon as you make the decision to enroll in a program.And if you’re visiting an acupuncture clinic as a patient to learn more about acupuncture, let your acupuncturist know that you’re seeking an acupuncture career. If you have a naturopathic school in your area, give them a call; they will know the licensing requirements for your state. In order to qualify for federal assistance if you plan on getting it, be sure to enroll in a school that’s accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). Your economic burden may be lessened considerably with financial aid in the form of federal student loans.Acupuncture programs in acupuncture schools are expensive and usually require three years or so of course work and some programs may be up to five years. Acupuncture is particularly effective at relieving or treating chronic muscle pain, stress, and PMS just to name a few symptoms or ailments.Our present day medicine has proven the effectiveness of many alternative treatments that have been practiced in other countries for many centuries and as a result, more and more insurance companies are now covering alternative treatments like acupuncture. Acupuncturists can expect to make about $45,000 per year starting out and can easily double that amount after they get a few years experience under their belt. After graduating from an acupuncture school some practitioners start their own practice and some go to work in a small clinic. And some work in tandem with naturopaths, chiropractors or other doctors in centers for Oriental medicine and offer acupuncture and other therapies, treatment and services.

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If you enjoy acupuncture weight loss may be one of the benefits you can receive from this treatment. Many of today’s top acupuncture professionals will tell you that you can achieve improved health in many ways by using acupuncture. Weight loss may not be the only benefit to you, of course, but for those that want to lose some weight and have struggled to do so in other ways, this may be an option available to them.One of the most important things to remember about acupuncture is that it will work in conjunction to other treatments. When it comes to acupuncture, weight loss is more effective when the acupuncture treatments are done alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. You will need to improve your diet by eating healthy foods including less saturated fat, whole grains and more vegetables. Compliment your treatment with a good exercise regimen that encourages you to work out at least 20 minutes per day.With that said, you may be wondering what it will do to help you to drop the pounds. In acupuncture, weight loss is achieved through healthy diet and exercise, but is helped by the acupuncture process itself. It will help by increasing your resilience. It also is an effective way to manage food cravings. More so, acupuncture will also help your body to respond better to the improved diet you are giving it. In other words, acupuncture helps make diet and exercise more effective.How can you effectively lose weight then with acupuncture? Here are some guidelines to follow.o Improve your diet by removing saturated fats from it. Replace them with healthier fats.o Eat less red meat and more lean meats including fish. This will improve your overall diet considerably.o Go outside for a walk each day. Then, increase this to a run each day. Improving the amount of exercise you get each day will help you to lose weight considerably.o Improve your overall health by cutting calories. Eat foods that are lower in calories. Also, reduce your portion sizes, which also will help you to lose weight.Doing these things will help you to lose weight. When you add in acupuncture, weight loss is more effective. See your acupuncturist as often as they recommend. Talk to them about your goals of losing weight through this method. Many will provide you with recommendations on how to accomplish this goal. Most importantly, work at it step by step so that you can see improvements as you go. With acupuncture, weight loss is more effective and long lasting.

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Find Training in Acupuncture in the United States and Canada. As the practice of medicine has evolved over time, so has the broad acceptance of alternative and complementary healthcare services. Today, prospective students have the opportunity to attain training in acupuncture and other integrative medicines because these programs are readily offered at several healing arts schools, as well as a growing number of acupuncture and Oriental medicine colleges.Promoting health and healing, training in acupuncture is a beneficial asset to the professional practitioner that already provides known healthcare services like chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine and even traditional medicine.To become an Oriental medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner (who provides acupuncture), it is critical to acquire appropriate training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from an accredited complementary medicine school or college. It is equally important to review the curriculum of the potential acupuncture program as it must meet all educational regulations and requirements mandated by the State or Province in which you reside.Why should you be interested in getting quality training in acupuncture? Nearly half the adult population in America uses some form of alternative or complementary medicine (including acupuncture and Oriental medicine); according to the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Therefore, the growing demand for natural healthcare services demonstrates that successful graduates, who have completed training in acupuncture, and have earned licensure to practice will have promising, long-term job prospects.What must applicants do prior to enrollment in training in acupuncture program? Review the Oriental medicine course prerequisites. In many cases, applicants must have achieved some level of graduate education from an accredited school or college. However, a great number of acupuncture schools do extend non-degree entry for those students seeking education in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chinese medical massage (Tuina), among other subject matter.What will students learn during training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine? In addition to powerful and effective needling techniques, students will be introduced to and learn about the philosophies and principles of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Five-Element Theory, Chinese medical language, moxibustion, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and Tuina – not to mention hands-on training in acupuncture and its effectiveness on dis-ease.While training in acupuncture varies with regard to curriculum and region, students can anticipate a rigorous educational program as well as a minimum of three or more years time for completion. In addition, training in acupuncture doesn’t end after graduates have taken the National Certification exam through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). As with many disciplines, it is necessary that licensed acupuncturists continue training in acupuncture to maintain up-to-date techniques, and to retain licensure for practice.If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding training in acupuncture, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.Training in Acupuncture – Healing Programs Today© Copyright 2007The CollegeBound NetworkAll Rights ReservedNOTICE: Article(s) may be republished free of charge to relevant websites, as long as Copyright and Author Resource Box are included; and ALL Hyperlinks REMAIN intact and active.

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Find French Meridian Acupuncture Training and Therapy in the United States and Canada. If you’re searching for a unique method of acupuncture, you may want to try French meridian acupuncture. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), French meridian acupuncture, also referred to as “French energetic acupuncture,” is widely used by medical acupuncturists, and is a technique that emphasizes meridian patterns; more specifically, the yin and yang of the focal meridians.French meridian acupuncture is performed by a licensed practitioner, via the insertion of tiny hair-like needles in varied locations and patterns along the meridians (energy channels). A combination of both Eastern and Western medicine, this particular type of acupuncture is primarily facilitated as a complimentary treatment for chronic illness and injury. Known to influence the channels of energy that run within the body, French meridian acupuncture holds the common belief that acupuncture can relieve disease and pain by restoring balance between the two principle forces of nature – the yin and the yang.Today, there are a number of professional Oriental medicine practitioners who practice French meridian acupuncture and other forms of acupuncture, in addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine as integrative treatment to patients around the world.In order to become a licensed acupuncturist, it is essential that candidates acquire the appropriate education and training through anyone of the many acupuncture schools and colleges available today. While some schools focus primarily on 5-Element Acupuncture, there are a variety of academic programs that incorporate an assortment of modalities including French meridian acupuncture, as well as Korean hand acupuncture, auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture), myofascial acupuncture, and Japanese acupuncture.In general, licensed acupuncturists who practice French meridian acupuncture, as well as other Chinese medicine therapies must be credentialed by having completed at least three to four years of Oriental medicine training, in addition to prerequisite education from an accredited college or university.If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding French Meridian Acupuncture training, let professional education within fast-growing industries like business administration, medical billing and coding, massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.French Meridian Acupuncture© Copyright 2007The CollegeBound NetworkAll Rights ReservedNOTICE: Article(s) may be republished free of charge to relevant websites, as long as Copyright and Author Resource Box are included; and ALL Hyperlinks REMAIN intact and active.

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An Acupuncture, M.D. practices integrative/complementary medicine. (Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of pain relief and disease treatment.) Because therapists have used acupuncture effectively over several centuries, a practicing Acupuncture, M.D. understands the full potential of this ancient therapy, and uses the same treatment that of licensed acupuncturists.According to Chinese philosophy, acutherapy, whether facilitated by the Acupuncture, M.D., or a practicing acupuncturist, can influence the channels of energy that run within the body. Through the insertion of hair-like needles along meridian points, it is believed that acupuncture can relieve disease and pain by restoring balance between the two principal forces of nature — the yin and the yang.Most often, the Acupuncture, M.D. uses this complementary medicine for chronic illness and other injuries. Patients are always conscious and commonly in a relaxed state; they often report little or no pain for the duration of the acupuncturist’s procedure. Because acupuncture therapy increases brain productivity of endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller), an Acupuncture, M.D. is acutely aware of the efficacy of this age-old healing art. (Based on scientific research, healthcare therapies provided by an Acupuncture, M.D., help to trigger these signals in the nervous system, and can redefine pain indicators to the brain.)Today, Acupuncture, M.D. education is on the rise as the practice is steadily gaining acceptance. Modern Acupuncture, M.D. courses combine Eastern medicine with Western medicine; and as a post-graduate program, professional students gain advanced skills in how acupuncture reduces pain through biological mechanisms (i.e., opioid peptides, and hypothalamus and pituitary gland stimulation, neurotransmitter and hormonal changes, or immune system modifications).Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theories, the prospective Acupuncture, M.D. learns how acupuncture can be both a safe and effective healthcare treatment for a myriad of conditions. In an Acupuncture, M.D. course (often interchanged as “medical acupuncture for Physicians”), professionals are instructed in the fundamental theories of acupuncture, needling techniques, and integrative approaches in diagnosis and therapies.Acupuncture, M.D. programs are comprehensive in nature, and often entail well over 500 continuing education hours. In addition, other essential Acupuncture, M.D. programs may be available in short course form or other training seminars; presenting specialized instruction or certification classes in herbal medicine, moxibustion, Tuina, Tai Chi, Qi gong, and other relative studies.If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding Acupuncture, M.D. courses, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.Acupuncture, M.D. – Training and Scope of Practice© Copyright 2007The CollegeBound NetworkAll Rights ReservedNOTICE: Article(s) may be republished free of charge to relevant websites, as long as Copyright and Author Resource Box are included; and ALL Hyperlinks REMAIN intact and active.

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Infertility is a frustrating thing for couples. It can be more frustrating to know that in one-fifth of infertility cases, the causes are not known. For centuries, alternative therapies like acupuncture have been used to treat some causes of infertility. In this modern day, this treatment is getting even more popular. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, humans have energy flowing along lines called meridians that run through the body. When the meridians are blocked, the flow of energy will be disrupted. This condition can cause many health problems, and one of them is infertility. To improve the flow of this energy, acupuncturists use needles inserted under your skin. The use of needles will make the body function differently. The treatment will help in vivo fertilization and for couples who undergo in vitro fertilization, obtaining acupuncture treatment beforehand will help the embryo transfer. In males, acupuncture is considered to be able to improve sperm formation while in females it is able to promote optimal hormonal balance. For many years, scientific studies have been conducted to link between acupuncture and fertility.Today, there is more scientific support that explains how acupuncture can help women to have a baby. This result relieves couples who want to have baby after years of unsuccessful attempts.Nowadays, more clinics offer acupuncture treatments to help couples obtain a higher chance to conceive. If you also have problem with fertility, it’s worth trying this treatment. Below are some tips about the use of acupuncture to treat infertility:1. It is recommended that you visit an acupuncturist who is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists. A certified acupuncturist has proper knowledge about the treatment thus you can totally rely on his treatment service.2. Visiting a therapist who is involved with a major medical center would be an advantage for you. This therapist is usually up to date with the latest developments in acupuncture.3. Ask your therapist to use surgical stainless steel needles.4. Before starting the treatment, make sure that your schedule permits you to visit the clinic once or twice in a week. You should have enough leisure time since the treatment consists of numerous sessions.5. It is important for you to take a pregnancy test before obtaining the treatment. If you are pregnant and you don’t know about it, the wrong treatment can harm your baby. Acupuncture in pregnant women should be performed carefully, since there are some points where acupuncture needles should not be inserted. These points are stomach, spleen, bladder, large intestine and gallbladder.6. It is a good idea to make an appointment with the acupuncturist to discuss the treatment that you will undergo. This way allows you to know the location of the clinic. It also enables you to know if the acupuncture practitioner is credible.7. You should realize that acupuncture has some risks even though they are very low. When you start the treatment and you are unknowingly pregnant, you have the possibility of miscarriage.8. Acupuncture also has some negative effects especially if you are suffering from certain illnesses. Diabetes, bleeding disorder, hepatitis or uncontrolled thyroid conditions are some health problems that can complicate the acupuncturist. Thus, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to know about your health conditions.9. Research is important to do if you want to get high quality treatment. Obtaining information about patients’ experiences is a good way to know the best treatment. These people can be found in online forums. You can also gather information through blogs about people who have undergone acupuncture or obtain referral from friends. Information from friends or relatives would be more convincing than from other people.10. If you want to get the most from your treatment, it is advised that you change your lifestyle. Healthy eating will help you improve your health. You can improve it even more by doing proper exercises regularly.Those are some tips you can apply to optimize your acupuncture treatment. To sum up, obtaining enough information about the treatment is the key to obtaining a successful result.

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Sports injuries are most often caused by trauma (from a fall or blow) or overuse/misuse of certain muscles and the neighboring structures, including ligaments and tendons. The acupuncturist commonly sees sports injuries such as pulled muscles, strains, sprains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and various manifestations of inflammation and pain that can keep the injured athlete out of the game.Acupuncture is used effectively to reduce the pain and inflammation of sports injuries. It has also been shown to increase range of motion and accelerate healing time. Acupuncture can be employed at any stage of an injury: to prevent, to treat acute pain, swelling and spasms, and to address conditions that make athletes vulnerable to re-injury. Studies have shown that acupuncture increases blood circulation to specific areas of the body, which not only promotes healing of sports injuries but could also boost athletic performance.A study conducted at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which athletes received acupuncture after running three miles revealed quicker heart rate recovery than those in the control group.The American Journal of Acupuncture published a study that examined the effects of acupuncture on anaerobic threshold and work capacity during exercise. Researchers found that those who received acupuncture not only had lower heart rates, but had higher maximal exercise capacity and were able to handle greater workloads at the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA) than those in the placebo group.The January 2008 issue of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine observed the effects of acupuncture on cyclists. Participants were divided into three groups that either received acupuncture, sham acupuncture or no acupuncture prior to periods of high-intensity cycling. The study revealed that the group who received acupuncture that adhered to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine had a higher performance scores and rode faster than their counterparts.The nicer Spring weather here in Philadelphia lends itself to more outdoor activities. If preexisting or new injuries are hindering your training or recreational goals, acupuncture and Chinese medicine should be considered a viable option for a speedy recovery.